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April 02, 2008


Love the Saturday Night Fever image on the cover. I'll keep a look out for this book.

I can share my picture books freely since my kids are past the sticky hands stage. My problem is that they take the chapter books and squirrel them away. I can't find half of my ARC's. Time for a cleaning intervention.

When you're done, could you clean my son's room too?


Anne, late to this discussion (so what else is new?).

But I enjoyed reading about this book. I will get it for sure!

Why? Because my husband and I actually collect jukeboxes from the fifties (from what I can see, the "Bubbler" on the cover looks to be an old wurlitzer, circa 1947). We now have 4.

I've blogged about 3 of them. Here is a link:


For what it's worth, even though they weigh about 350 lb and only hold between 50 and 100 records, they deliver lot more fun than an iPod.

And you can still get brand new 45s.....

Rock and roll on!

Only gave you the link to the pictures. Here is the post:


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