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October 24, 2006


Little Willow

Excellent! Cheers!

Jen Robinson

Yes, I think that these will be a big help. Thanks for putting them together, Anne!

Sheila Ruth

Great job on the FAQ, Anne! Really helpful!


It was probably overdue, judging by the emails I was getting.


Nicely done Anne!

Lillian Hecker

I recommend Viva La Paris by Esme Raji Codell. This is the companion novel to Sahara Special, another great book for middle school.
"Sometimes people become our enemies not because they are so different, but because there is something in them that is so much the same, it hurts us to look at it."
Fifth grader Paris and Tanaeje have been spoiling for a fight all through the year and finally they go at it. Tanaeje has been beating on Michael, Paris's older brother, for no discernible reason. Instead of popping her one, Michael has adopted a Gandhi approach which makes Paris furious.
This book talks about family, differences, anti-Semitism, friendship and fairness - a tall order for any book, and it is done superbly!

Anne (Web mistress)

Lillian, you need to nominate this under fiction picture books. I will move it over for you.

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