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October 19, 2006



I nominate "Selvakumar Knew Better" by Virginia Kroll. Illustrations by Xiaojun Li

Sondra LaBrie

"I'm a Pill Bug" by Yukihisa Tokuda, illus. by Kiyoshi Takahashi
"Honey, a Gift from Nature" by Yumiko Fujiwara, illus. by Hideko Ise
"Sing, Nightingale, Sing" by Francoise de Guibert, illus. by Chiaki Miyamoto

Loretta Gaines

I nominate CLUELESS IN ALASKA: KNOW MORE! by Jen Funk Weber. Photography by Mike Weber.


Aliens are coming by Meghan Mccarthy


I nominate LITTLE LOST BAT by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Alan Marks.


"Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon" by Catherine Thimmesh.

Cynthia Lord

Since Meghan McCarthy's Aliens are Coming has already been nominated. . .

Owen & Mzee: The True Story Of A Remarkable Friendship by Craig Hatkoff

Paul Acampora

Aliens are Coming by Meghan McCarthy. Because it's awesome and because aliens really are coming. They are!


"The World's Greatest Elephant" by Ralph Helfer, illustrated by Ted Lewin.


The Illustrator's Notebook, by Mohieddin Ellabbad (Groundwood).

Judy Freeman

Mama by Jeanette Winter

Elizabeth Bird

Aliens Are Coming by Meghan McCarthy

Jonathan Hunt

THE STORY OF SALT by Mark Kurlansky

George Knightley

ALIENS ARE COMING by Meghan McCarthy because it's the most imaginatively told history I've ever seen -- and just plain fun to look at and read. If all nonfiction were this lively, nonfiction would be more popular.


I asked my three kids and two out of three said "Oh, Rats!" by Albert Marrin.



Kelly Fineman

Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor by Emily Arnold McCully

I stuck it in MG and YA since it's for ages 7 to 12, but was told it goes here.

Jennifer Wardrip, aka "The Genius"

I would like to nominate KIDS MAKE HISTORY: A NEW LOOK AT AMERICA'S STORY by Susan Buckley & Elspeth Leacock

Carrie K.

Now & Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin by Gene Barretta

Cynthia Leitich Smith of Cynsations

I nominated An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long (Chronicle, 2006) under PBs. Please forgive me if it's in the wrong place and place it wherever it best suits.


The World's Greatest Elephant by Ralph Helfer, Illustrated by Ted Lewin

Candie Moonshower

Perfect Timing: How Isaac Murphy Became One of the World's Greatest Jockeys by Patsi B. Trollinger and with original paintings by Jerome Lagarrigue

Beautiful! Tells a wonderful story of a real-life jockey who lived during an extraordinary time in the racing world.

Jenny Williams

Wildfire by Taylor Morrison
A beautifully illustrated and amazingly researched look at what causes wildfires and how they are contained.

Sherry Early

M IS for Masterpiece by David Domeniconi


"Moses; When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom" by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Kadir Nelson. Beautiful, gripping, evocotive story of Harriet's calling to seek freedom and to lead others in the struggle.

Jennifer Christie

I meant to nominate Su Dongpo: Chinese Genius by Demi for this category.


Our Seasons by Grace Lin and Ranida T. McKneally.


Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhardt's Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks! And Other Sea Monsters (Candlewick Press)


Stoo Hample's Book of Bad Manners by Stoo Hample.


Nominating NOBODY GONNA TURN ME ROUND by Doreen Rappaport, illustrated by Shane W. Evans


The Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook by Georganne Brennan is fun!


I nominate A Place for Butterflies by Melissa Stewart, illus. by Higgins Bond. It is a beautifully illustrated book that delivers and important environmental message in clear, gentle language.

Jennifer Christie

Be Water, My Friend: The Early Years of Bruce Lee by Ken Mochizuki, illustrated by Dom Lee

Quiet Hero: The Ira Hayes Story written and illustrated by S. D. nelson

John Lewis in the Lead: A Story of the Civil Rights Movement by Jim Haskins and Kathleen Benson, illustrated by Benny Andrews

Drumbeat in Our Feet by Patricia Keeler and Julio Leitao, illustrated by Patricia Keeler

Celebrate! Connections Among Cultures by Jan Reynolds

How We Are Smart by W. Nikola-Lisa, illustrated by Sean Qualls

Anne (Web mistress)

Whoops, Jennifer, you're only allowed one book in each category. Can you narrow the list down, pretty please?

Anne (Web mistress)

Well, since Team Moon was kicked over to MG non-fic, do I get another stab at this? I'd like to nominate "It's not the stork" by Robie Harris and Michael Emberley, which states right on the cover it's for age 4 and up.



Little Sap and Monsieur Rodin by Michelle Lord


3-D ABC by Bob Raczka


Sail Away, Little Boat by Janet Buell with illustrations by Jui Ishida

Stacy Dillon

This Jazz Man, by Karen Ehrhardt. Great art, great rhymes, and great minibios in the back!

Stacy Dillon

This Jazz Man, by Karen Ehrhardt. Great art, great rhymes, and great minibios in the back!


Pictures by Laura Levine; text by Holly George-Warren.

Happy Reader

The Buffalo Soldier by Sherry Garland

The same author-illustrator team from Voices of the Alamo; it's a beautiful book


The Buffalo and the Indians by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent


Nominate: The Magic School Bus and the Science Fair Expedition

christina Tugeau

wish to nominate GEORGE DID IT by Suzanne Tripp illustrated by Larry Day


I nominate GEORGE DID IT (Dutton)by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain, illustrated by Larry Day. Hilarious and thoughtful story of how George Washington was afraid to become president.


Extreme Animals: The Toughest Creatures on Earth by Nicola Davies


What the Sea Saw by Stephanie St. Pierre, illustrated by Beverly Doyle


I want to nominate When You Were Small by Sara O'Leary, illustrated by Julie Morstad (Simply Read Books) because my mom wrote it.

Sandra Markle

I'm thrilled to see that my book LITTLE LOST BAT has been nominated for a CYBIL award. It's a special story that's close to my heart. I value this opportunity to help readers discover my book. :-)

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