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October 19, 2006


Well, how exactly DO we nominate a book? Nothing on this site about that!


Immediately to your right, under where it says "Nominations" it tells you what to do in pretty white letters. It even lists all the categories for you to click on.

Richard W. Jennings

Thank goodness! I try to write sympathetic novels for middle readers that will also make them laugh. Funny doesn't seem to be Newbery's cup of tea. But I think pre-teens and early teens have a great sense of humor, and, frankly, think it's more evolved than that of most adults. So I would welcome a popularity/literary competition. Count me in!

Richard W. Jennings
author of STINK CITY et al
Walter Lorraine Books
Houghton Mifflin, Boston


Thanks, Richard, for stopping by and for your support. I hope very much that you'll have a book nominated AND participate as a judge next year!

Sheila Ruth

But not in the same category, LOL. ;-)


Good point, Sheila!

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