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November 25, 2006




Never knew about graphic novel until now. Thanks. To read about my novel please visit http://johnwriter.com.

You have a great blog. I like it.



The Amelia Rules Amazon link doesn't work...when I searched for the title, the publication date was December 2005 (not that Amazon is always correct in their listings, however).

Liz B

I'll get the link fixed; Amelia Rules Superheroes; someone on the committee spoke with the author about the change in publisher (the old one is with the 12/05 date and went out of business and the new/real one is 8/06 at 0971216975)


Thanks, Liz, it's all fixed now.


Hi there... I'm having fun following the progress.

There's a typo -- the list says "Prince of Baghdad" instead of "Pride of Baghdad." The link is good, however.


Lisa--I fixed the typo. Thanks!

Alex de Campi

Hi there, I'm so honoured that you guys have nominated KAT & MOUSE for a Cybil. However as a graphic novel, it's really a work by BOTH myself and the artist, Federica Manfredi. I make the words, she makes the pictures. Neither of us could do it without the other. Would you be kind enough to add her name to the listing? I feel like I'm wrongly being credited for too much of the work, just with my name up there alone. Thanks! - Alex de Campi.


All fixed, Alex. Thanks for letting us know!


Those of these that I've read are great, but honestly? The Edward Gorey book isn't a graphic novel. It's a compilation of smaller illustrated books, including what Gorey was working on when he died (very affecting: the images go from fully inked, to pencil-sketched, to blank frames where he'd intended to draw something).

I'm not really keen on the current confusion between what a graphic novel is (not just a compilation of comics, unless they work as a unified story) and what a comic is. "Fun Home" and "La Perdida" are definitely graphic novels. "Castle Waiting," while great, probably isn't, because it's not a complete and cohesive narrative. "Flight" isn't, because it's more like short stories.

I realize that "graphic novel" is the buzzword right now, Without Which Comics Cannot Be Respected, but honestly, when are we going to go back to calling a comic a comic? Some comics just aren't graphic novels... and it doesn't diminish them in any way.

a. fortis

Those are some great comments--very thought-provoking, and it does point to a current oversimplification of the field of sequential art, graphic literature, comics, or whatever you want to call it; but the oversimplification is currently, I think, more of a blessing than a curse--right now, anyway. It's erring in favor of inclusiveness in order to consider as wide an array of comic works as possible, which is necessary at the moment since the Cybils cover such a wide range of genres.

However, I will concede that the title "Graphic Novels" is misleading in the sense that we really have included a variety of works of comic art and graphic literature. Maybe something like "Sequential Literature" would be more accurate! The problem with getting too specific about splitting the category--in my mind, anyway--is that you then have to think about the original publication format: was it originally a graphic novel? a comic book? a comic serial in a magazine? an online comic? a series of books? We had all of these and more as nominees, but ultimately the criterion was simple--was it a print "novelization" published in 2006?

I think these are very valid comments, though, and these are definitely thoughts to take into consideration for next year's awards.

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