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January 01, 2007



Um, excuse me, but there's only FOUR books on that list not our five ! And Sheila didn't write all the descriptions !

[/pedant off]

Sheila Ruth

You beat me to it, Michele. I was going to clarify that each of us wrote one of the descriptions. It was definitely a team effort and we had a great team!

I just emailed Anne and Kelly about the missing book, so hopefully they'll see it soon.


I emailed Anne too, she's definitely going to know something's up ! LOL !


All fixed. You can stop hyperventilating now, ladies. Many thanks.

Sheila Ruth

Thanks, Anne!

Kim Baccellia

Thanks Anne for letting me be a part of this! Also thanks to Sheila, Gail, Michele, and Erin, who were great to work with.


I wasn't hyperventilating... Honestly !


Thank you for all your hard work. I'm looking forward into exploring all these wonderful reading lists!


Just teasing you, Michele. Sorry for any last-second glitches there. I wonder if they ever have these types of problems at the Academy Awards ...

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