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February 20, 2007


Elaine Magliaro


Thanks so much for this wonderful interview with Joyce Sidman. Sidman's answers to your questions are as eloquent as her poetry. She is a true wordsmith and master of the genre. I love the way she weaves scientific information into her poems to create a beautiful tapestry of words.


Many thanks for this interview... which offers readers a deeper understanding of the book-making (and poem-making) process. Sidman's book is a gem.

Kelly Fineman

Elaine and Bruce:

Thanks so much for the feedback. Coming up with interview questions was initially a daunting task, so in the end, I asked what I most wanted to know. And Joyce's warm spirit and kindness comes shining through in her answers.


This was a great interview! Well done.


Thanks to both Joyce Sidman and Kelly Fineman for an excellent interview. Hearing about the poet's writing process, as well as her collaborations with the others on her "team," was fascinating.

Kelly Fineman

Nancy and Susan: I am glad you enjoyed it!

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