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September 18, 2007



The folks in Jen's category will be in very good hands, indeed.


She was the Queen last year. We were so sad that she wasn't actually on the YA Panel with us.


She set the bar kind of high for the rest of us with that photo, don't you think?


Oh, jeeze, yes.

Jen Robinson

You guys! (blushing) I am going to miss last year's YA committee - that was a LOT of fun, and am amazing group. Of course Jackie is going to do a great job with YA fiction going forward.

As for the photo, it's a bit of a cheat. I mean, it is me, but it's the only one of literally thousands of photos that I've ever really liked. So it's not what you'd call representative.


whatever, jen.

Sheila Ruth

Yeah, Jen. I had no idea you were so gorgeous! I thought you were a nerd like the rest of us!


The world is a better (and more lovely) place with bookworms like Jen!

Little Willow

Go, Jen!

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