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September 19, 2007


Melissa Wiley

Jules, it's great to put a face to your name! (A lovely one at that.) :) As the mother of a hard-of-hearing child, I was especially interested to read about your ASL background & School for the Deaf connection. I am loving these bios!


Thanks, Melissa. Do you all sign with him/her? Email me some time, and we can yak it up about the subject.


Woo-hoo! Way to represent 7-Imp, yo!

Jen Robinson

7-Imp (not to mention Jules herself) ROCKS.

Little Willow

(Draws a j in the air with her pinky)
Teach me your personal sign for your name.
Then teach me the sign for "awesome."


LW, it's a "J" at your mouth -- the corner of it, that is.

"Awesome" -- you can just do a "thumbs up." That'll suffice. ASL is lots 'o' body language (and "thumbs-up" is easier to explain online!).

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