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September 14, 2007



Football widows, hah! Try Kidlit widowers.

Seriously, though, congratulations Anne and Kelly on getting everything up and running.

Let the games -- I mean contest -- begin.

Sarah Miller

This sounds like great fun, but I'm betting authors aren't eligible! ;)


Hey Sarah:

We have many authors! If you have a book out this year, we'd ask that you volunteer in a different category. We avoid any sort of conflict that way.

Sherry Early

Global fame sound good.


Sounds like fun! Count me in. - Janelle

Karen (mommy of three)

What a great idea, I am emailing you now!

Ruby Diamond

Hmm, interesting. What kind of time commitment are we talking about?


Hey Ruby:

It depends on the category. Picture books -- even dozens of them -- won't take up as much time as a handful of YA or fantasy novels.

We expect over 100 nominations in those latter categories, but you'll divvy up the work between 7 people (and maybe 9 for fantasy).

Still, you can expect to read several books a week straight through the holidays. And of course there'll be a Yahoo or Google group for online discussions with other panelists.

For judges, there's obviously less of a time crunch because you're only reading a short list of 5-8 books.

I hope that helps clarify things. Feel free to contact Kelly H. or myself if you have any other questions -- any at all.

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