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October 01, 2007


Eric Luper

Tracking Trash: flotsam, Jetsam and the Science of Ocean Motion by Loree Griffin Burns

Great book!


Taj Mahal by Caroline Arnold and Madeleine Comora, with illustrations by Rahul Bhushan


One Thousand Tracings written and illustrated by Lita Judge

Susan Thomsen

Lightship, by Brian Floca (Atheneum)


The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain by Peter Sis

Kelly Fineman

In My Backyard by Valarie Giogas from Sylvan Dell


Kirk, Daniel, Library Mouse, Abrams Book for Young Readers, 2007

Els Kushner

May I Pet Your Dog? by Stephanie Calmenson


Hi everyone! Thanks for the lovely nominations! Our panelists are eagerly eyeing the selections already.

Two notes:

Tracking Trash seems to be intended for an older audience, and since it's already been nominated for the Middle Grade/YA Nonfiction category, we'll let them consider it.

Kirsten: Library Mouse is a Fiction Picture Book, so if you haven't already nominated a book for that category, that's where it should go.


Rough, Tough Charley (Hardcover)
by Verla Kay (Author), Adam Gustavson (Illustrator)


I nominate my own non-fiction picture book, "Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria" by Kyra E. Hicks T

Anne-Marie - A Readable Feast

Ocean Seasons by Ron Hirschi, though any of the Sylvan Dell books would fit this category.


WIRED by Anastasia Suen, illustrated by Paul Carrick. (Shameless plug #2.)


Artful Reading by Bob Raczka


Million Men and Me, Kelly Starling Lyons

I think this is non-fic PB because it's about the million man march...however, it may be a fictional account. Please let me know if I should move it.


Nothing But Trouble; the Story of Althea Gibson by Sue Stauffacher

Don Tate

Wind Flyers by Angela Johnson, illustrated by Loren Long

Don Tate

Wind Flyers by Angela Johnson, illustrated by Loren Long


I nominate Young Pele: Soccer's First Star by Lesa Kline-Ransome and illustrated by James Ransome

Brock Martin

Living color, by Steve Jenkins.

Philip Lee

BALLERINA DREAMS by Lauren Thompson, Photographs by James Estrin http://www.feiwelandfriends.com/ourbooks.html#ballerina


Sorry that I stupidly nominated Library Mouse in the wrong category. Instead, I nominate Deedy's Martina the Beautiful Cockroach in this category.

Sarah Miller

DIFFERENT LIKE COCO, by Elizabeth Matthews

Emily Beeson

A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston

Lois V. Harris

I nominate my just-released picture book, Mary Cassatt: Impressionist Painter, a biography for ages 5 to 8. I chose 23 colorful Impressionist images and 7 photographs to bring Cassatt's inspiring lifestory to life. For the cover image, I selected Degas' favorite Cassatt painting, "Girl Arranging Her Hair" because the model's pose reminded me of classical art.
(I'm happy to provide the ISBN no. if you need it.)


Thanks, Lois - I found it, no worries.

There are plenty of lovely nominations coming in - thanks, everyone! But, a couple of things:

A Million Men and Me, and Wind Flyers, are indeed both historical fiction, so would belong in the picture book category. I'm happy to move them over there, and Paula and Don can nominate another choice for NFPB if you like.

Kirsten, you're going to think I've got something personal against you, but I swear! This is just a tricky category. In libraries, you do usually find folktales shelved in nonfiction, but for the purposes of the Cybils, we're treating folktales, song collections, historical fiction, and any other picture books that aren't FACTUAL as Fiction Picture Books. I'm so sorry that wasn't clear. Please, please, feel free to nominate another choice. And if you'd rather have Martina be your Fiction Picture Book nomination than Library Mouse, no problem, we can switch it.

Heidi (seaheidi)

MAMMOTHS ON THE MOVE, by Lisa Wheeler and Kurt Cyrus

Fuse #8

Strong Man by Meghan McCarthy

Kristen McLean

Twelve Rounds to Glory: The Story of Muhammad Ali by Charles Smith


Hair Dance by Dinah Johnson, outstanding photographs by Kelly Johnson. (Nominated by Kirsten on the NFPB Panel page.)


Heidi, I'm afraid Mammoths on the Move has a 2006 copyright date, and therefore isn't eligible for this year's awards. Please feel free to choose another!


A LITTLE PEACE, by Barbara Kerley

Lyn Larson

Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg, by Mia Posada

Interactive with the reader, plus the illustrations are amazing--mixing watercolor and collage


ABC Safari by Karen Lee


The Book of Time Outs: A Mostly True History of the World's Biggest Troublemakers

by Deb Lucke


I nominate Monica Brown's _My Name Is Gabito: the Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez/Me llamo Gabito: la vida de Gabriel Garcia Marquez_ published by Luna Rising.

This bilingual book, lavishly illustrated by Raul Colon, with inspiring, magical prose, brings the Nobel-Prize winning author to children for the first time.

Brown brings the world of Marquez's life and his complex novels to life for young readers.

Brown has written other beautiful books about Celia Cruz and Gabriela Mistral--this one is even better, if that's possible.


How We are Smart by W. Nikola-Lisa, illustrated by Sean Qualls.

Jo Knowles

I thought I posted this last night but I don't see it here. Hope I didn't vote in the wrong category by mistake!

I'd like to nominate Anne Hutchinson's Way, by Jeannine Atkins, illustrated by Michael Dooling



Andrea (of JustOneMoreBook!)

A Horse in the House (and Other Strange but True Animal Stories)
by Gail Ablow and Kathy Osborne


I'd like to nominate Let's Go by Lizann Flatt.


D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet by Nancy I Sanders, illustrated by E.B Lewis

Carolyn Marsden

Vulture View by April Pulley Sayre!

Megan Germano

Campy: The Story of Roy Campanella
by David A. Adler (Author), Gordon James (Illustrator)

Carolyn Marsden

Jeanette Rankin by Grethcen Woelfle

Ben D.

Just picked up Sawdust and Spangles: the Amazing Life of W.C. Coup by Ralph Covert and G. Riley Mills (Authors) and Giselle Potter (Illustrator) a wild and inspiring true story. I nominate it and highly recommend it!!

Doret Canton

Artist to Artist by Patricia Lee Gauch


City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male by Meghan McCarthy

Loree Burns

SNEEZE! by Alexandra Siy and Dennis Kunkel

david e

Footwork: The Story of Fred and Adele Astaire by Roxane Orgill and Stephane Jorisch


I'd like to nominated
by Ellie Crowe

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