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November 23, 2007


PG Kain

Hi -- I think you have my book listed as "DUPED by Popular Demand" and it is actually "DUMPED by Popular Demand." Although, I like duped also. Something to think about for book 3. Thanks for having me on the list.


All fixed! Sorry for the typo, and thanks for having a sense of humor about it. :-)

Eric Gifford

Wow, good list...

Eric Gifford

No doubt these are good books.

Becky Levine

Do you guys have any way we can access the 2006 nominations (not just finalists) from the blog? I'm starting a book group and I want to take a look at some of the books I wasn't able to get to last year, as well as the new ones!




That's an excellent idea. I'll add a bunch of links tonight, but in the meantime if you click on the "nominations" category you can scroll down through that. I know that's a pain, but I should have a chance tonight to put up something simpler.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and good luck with your book club!

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