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November 02, 2007



published in 2006?? (I think you might mean 2007)


All fixed, thanks.


Thanks for the FAQs! I wouldn't get too worked up about HP one way or another, even factoring kid appeal in. Five or six years ago, HP #1 was up against Holes and several other books on the Young Readers' Choice Award ballot. The kids of the Pacific Northwest cast their votes--and Holes won.

Mary Katherine

So do you send out requests to the publishers for review copies after the nominations come in?

Mary Katherine


Yes, Mary Katherine, we definitely do. This year, however, we submitted them just in time to get caught up in the Christmas mail. Whoops!

We're looking at changing our judging period to allow publishers more time to get the books to us, and more time for our judges to consider them.

Thanks for asking!
-Anne the editor

Marcus Riedner

Out of curiosity, how is 'published' being defined for entrance into this competition? I work for an online book publisher that deals mainly in digital distribution, and would be interested in submitting some of our books for next year's competition. But I know in the past I have met a great deal of resistance because our books are not 'printed' to paper in a traditional manner. We have a number of works that are quite lovely, with solid kid appeal, but they are all published online only. Does this disqualify our books?

Heidi M. Thomas

What are the deadlines to enter the awards? My book was published Dec. 1 2008. Am I too late?


What I really want to know is how do you get to be a panelist?? Thanks

Sheila Ruth

Hi Kristine,
I'm sorry, but we put out a call for volunteers about a month ago, and we're currently finalizing the panels for this year. But keep an eye out for next year's call for panelist volunteers in late summer. You might want to add the Cybils blog to your blog readers so that you don't miss it. For future reference, here are some posts with information about being a panelist:



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