R.J. Anderson

Just based on the ones I've read off this list (which would be more than half of them) this seems like a very excellent shortlist! Congratulations to all the nominees, and I look forward to seeing the winner (and to catching up on the nominated books I haven't read yet)!

Sheila Ruth

Looks like a wonderful list. The ones I've read on the list were excellent, and some of the others are on my TBR! Congratulations to all the nominees and finalists, and thanks to the panelists for your hard work! I'm frankly amazed at how many books you guys read!


Wheeee! I am in the MIDDLE of Savvy, and have just finished The Cabinet of Wonders. What a great, great-looking list, so many titles I've been wanting to get my hands on! What a hard job you guys had -- well done, all!

Jen Robinson

Can I just say that I'm glad I'm not a judge in this category. Because there are SO many amazing titles. I'm going to move all of the ones that I haven't read up on my list now, too. Thanks to the nominating committee for such an excellent list!


I'm off to the library to start requesting these. I'm so excited!

Deva Fagan

What a wonderful list! Now I'm off to add the ones I haven't read to my Goodreads to-read shelf. I don't envy the judges having to decide among so many excellent books!


Oh man! If I didn't have all the YA finalists to read, I'd be all over these right away! :) My to-read pile for early 2008 is going to be awesome.


We would like to nominate the book Rowan of the Wood in the fantasy fiction category.
I read this book last year and everyone who saw me reading the book were so enthralled that they turned to the back cover to read all about the interesting authors, Christine and Ethan Rose.

You don't see authors traveling cross country in a caravan decorated with their book's characters, but the Roses' are! See www.rowanofthewood for further info.

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