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January 07, 2008



Wow, they look so beautiful, the little darlings....

Thanks again to Jackie, our wonderful group leader!


Oh! I'm so excited! Billie Standish is a finalist! It's a great list, but that pick makes my day.


I will definitely check out those books; I've been looking for some new eye candy. I'm surprised Stephenie Meyers Twilight series didn't make it though.

Stacy DeKeyser

Twilight wasn't a contender for this category. There's a separate category for SF/F. (can't wait to see that list!)

But there were lots of good books that didn't make the YA list. I wish we could've chosen 20 finalists!


The Fantasy and Science Fiction list was published last week, if you want to scroll down. Alas, "Twilight" isn't on it. I know the Fantasy panel also felt like they had a very tough job and they got to pick 10 titles!

Many thanks to all the panelists for their hard work.


I've only read two of the finalist. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part time Indian and The Wednesday War. I loved Wednesday War but I thought it was more middle grade fiction. Think I'll check out Boy Toy tomorrow.

Brian Mandabach

Yay for everyone, especially Carrie Jones! Not only do I adore her, but I love seeing the FLUX label on the short list. I'm also psyched because I'm an old fan of Alexie and a new fan of Lyga. I better check out the others.

Thanks to the panel for doing all that reading for making those tough decisions!

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