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August 23, 2008



Have you thought of adding a category for easy readers? When I posted the reviewer's list earlier this year I had several inquiries as to why we didn't recognize them.

I write easy readers - and teach writers how to write them as well - but I don't have any easy readers published during the dates posted, so I'd be happy to head this category if you decide you want to add it.


Hey Anastasia:

We've gone back and forth over this a LOT. It's probably the number 1 debate we have both behind the scenes and from our public post mortems. I think our feeling at the end of 2007 is that it wasn't quite a big enough category yet. The key word is "yet" of course.

You'd know better than myself, and I trust your expertise. If you think it could draw somewhere near as many nominations as poetry (currently our smallest category) I would say go for it. That's about 2 dozen or so--a low bar, really.

Let me know. I'd love to hear from other easy reader fans too. Do we need another category?


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