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October 20, 2008



These lists look fabulous! I'm so excited.

Can I just be an old curmudgeon for one minute? I know that databases sort alphabetically without regard for the rules, but does it drive anyone else crazy that the articles in titles are included in this process?! Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, I'm a closet librarian, and perhaps the only person on the planet that his bugs.

Great job pulling all this together so quickly. I'm thrilled we get to start reading books already!


P.S. - We Are the Ship appears twice on the Middle Grades/YA nonfiction list.



Nice lists!

I just noticed that The Empty Kingdom by Elizabeth Wein shows up on both sci. fi/fantasy middle grade and YA. I just read it, and I think it belongs in the former category...


and I just noticed The Empty Kingdom is also on the Middle Grade list!
(perhaps a record? :) )


Hi, just noticed that Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig, which I nominated for the Easy Readers category, isn't listed. I thought it qualified for this category since a previous Mercy Watson book won a Geisel Honor Award.


And I noticed that Aurelia is on both the YA list and the Fantasy/Sci Fi list.


Could you remind us of how to make sure the bookseller commissions get to the Cybils? Do we have to put a widget on our blog or something?


Hey gang:

Keep those error messages coming! We're fixing the lists pretty steadily to delete duplicates and what-not.

As for the commissions -- our Amazon number is already loaded into the link. We're working on an Indie Box number too and I should have that tomorrow or the next day.

Tricia -- we put "a" and "the" at the end to help it sort better. If there's a title where we entered it wrong, I'll go take a look and reposition it by hand.


The covers are not showing on all the categories, for example in the YA novel, all you see is a line before the title, no book cover.


eric shanower

I noticed A Very Improbable Story is missing from Fiction Picture books


My graphic novel nomination (Amelia Rules! 4: When the Past is a Present) isn't on the list. It's not on any other lists either, but it should probably be on the younger graphic novel list.

And Knuckleheads by Jon Scieszka is on both the MG/YA nonfiction and MG Novel lists.



Book of Nonsense is a great choice! But why is it not in the Fantasy catagory?


I nominated Ann Kelley's Inchworm, and I see that another user, 'Daisy' also nominated it on October 6th.

Is it missing intentionally from the YA list? Thanks for checking.

Tammy Lockhart

I would like to nominate Elissa's Quest and Elissa's Odyssey (the first two books of the Phoenix Rising trilogy.) Aside from the fact that they are my favorite books of all time, they are exciting, funny and the writing is beautiful. (And Elissa is my hero.)

Ray Friesen

I see your statement says nominations are closed, but another page say they close a few days ago. And! Since I just discovered your wonderful blog this morning, I think I'll take the off chance nominations can still squink in and nominate my books!

My name is Ray Friesen, I'm the creator of 'A Cheese Related Mishap' 'YARG!' and "Another Dirt Sandwich' -- all of which are humorous all ages graphic novels filled with pirates, penguins, cowboys and other silly things. If nominations are indeed closed, I'd hope you'd still like to give the books a read, I think they'd be right up your alley! And if you cant trust an author to be objective when recommending his own books to you, who can you trust?

More info, and my weekly webcomic at www.DontEatAnyBugs.com -- or else!



Hannah E.

I nominated Alicia Afterimage by Lulu Delacre but can't seem to find it on any of the lists- it's hard to give it an exact category, but I think it would fit best in non-fiction MG/YA...

Kay P.

I nominate The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones by Helen Hemphill (Front Street, Nov. 1, 2008). Historical fiction about the little-known African-American cowboys. High adventure through a large swath of the United States -- introducing kids to geographic terrain that was rugged and unforgiving in the late 1880s.

RM1(SS) (ret)

Knucklehead is also on the MG/YA Non-Fiction list twice.

F. T. Botham

Interested to know if any of the judges read my book, Mary Lamb Enters the World of Maze?

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