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January 27, 2009



I personally love the King awards--especially the illustrations portion. Personally, the Caldecott winner/honors rarely coincide with my taste...but I am almost always wowed by the King winners.


I'm not so certain the Cybils have persuaded the ALA as much as them just getting it right once n awhile. If Gaiman ends up winning the SF.Fantasy Cybil, it will merely be because the ALA finally got it right this year (they do that every so often ;-) Can you tell my pick from the Cybils list?

As to the King award, I'm more inclined to lean toward a multicultural award vs. an African-American exclusive. But, then again, I read Possum Come A Knockin' for my multicultural choice during one of my reading masters/graduate classes.... It best represented my culture.... so 'multicultural' criteria might get too sketchy.


Oh, Tasses, I know the ALA hasn't heard of Cybils (well, except for a few open-minded folks). I should've made clear my tongue was firmly in cheek. My bad!

Though, y'know, anything is possible. Maybe our fame is spreading ...

I like the sound of a multi-cultural award, too, which might encompass more of the colorful threads in the American quilt, so to speak.

More thoughts, anyone?


And of course, don't forget the YALSA lists--we've got a bunch of overlap.

Best Books for Young Adults:

BBYA has The Graveyard Book, A Curse Dark as Gold, Airman, Hunger Games, Graceling (FSF shortlist)

Audrey Wait!, Frankie Landau-Banks, Jellicoe Road, Sweethearts, Ten Cents a Dance (YA shortlist)

Ain't Nothing But a Man (Nonfiction shortlist)

The London Eye Mystery (MG shortlist)

Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers:

Quick Picks has Wake and Hunger Games (FSF shortlist)

Body Drama, Swords: An Artist's Devotion (Nonfiction shortlist)

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