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August 27, 2009



Cybils Shepherd?

(like the actress, but more so)

Sheila Ruth

Cybils visionary? Cybils cat herder?

I love Cybils Shepherd, Charlotte!


SHEPHERD. Awesome.
I was going to say Sitter or Douala, but I think Shepherd works out much better, and the glam aspect of the actress obvs. refers to you as well.


I meant DOULA. Good grief.


Cybils Commissioner.
It still sounds authoritative I guess... but it still sounds awesome. Think of Commissioner Gordon from Batman. Or if you watch How I Met Your Mother Lily was the slap bet commissioner. Just something to think about.

Melissa (Book Nut)

Grand Poobah?

Though, actually, I like Shepherd, too.


Cybil Queen of the Universe. That's what I have my kids call me sometimes, minus the Cybil part :D

Terry Doherty

Gotta go with Shepherd, too. It's got that great wordplay we love in our Cybils books and often find in the work of our Cybils bloggers/panelists/judges. Pam ... telepathy calling for MotherReader.

Jennifer @5 Minutes for Books

Man I'm laughing at Cybils Shepherd.

Managing Editor? Does sound sort of uptight, still.



Cybils Wrangler?


Cybils Coordinator?

Cybils Coordinating Editor?

Susan (Chicken Spaghetti)

What about "creative director," like an ad agency? Or Executive Editor?

Anne Levy

Cybils shepherd, huh? I like Cybils cat herder too. Thanks all ... definitely something to think about. After I stop chuckling.


Cybils Shepherd!! HA!

I was going to suggest Cybils Guru. Or you could just go permanently by Co-Founder/Co-Creator.

Little Willow

I second:
Something that signifies the fact that you created this and your importance, truly.

Liz Jones

I second Little Willow...
(though I do love shepherd...)

Kim Baccellia



I agree with Little Willow. You've been awesome with this. You should use a title that shows that you created this.


Co-Founder and Shepherd. It's the truth and it rings merrily upon the ear!


I know this is super late, but it just hit me - Cybils Czar.

Terry Doherty

Supreme Maximum Leader is good, but in the absence of Cybils Shepherd, what about Co-Czarina?

You'd have to be a little careful, they might think you're the Cleveland Browns quarterback. They need one, too!

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