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September 26, 2009



Wow, that form sounds like it will be a big help!

Will it be generating lists as it goes? I think it would be cool if every morning the lists of books already nominated could show up here. Some of us are such Cybils geeks that we (at least, I hope it's "we") spent far to much time in years past pouring over the comments every day to see what new books had been nominated...

I have a question--sometimes people nominate books for a genre they don't ultimatly belong in. Will it let a person nominate a book in sci fi/fantasy, say, that's already on the middle grade list?

Liz B

Sounds very reasonable! Having been on the end of tracking down books without ISBNs etc. I am glad that is part of the process.


What an EXCELLENT idea, like a ballot: fill in your SINGLE choice in each genre, turn it in, and step away from the website!

Thank you, Sheila, for saving Anne and everyone so much work...

Kim Baccellia

Like this idea. Also another big thanks to Sheila!

Oh, by the way, Ann, like your new title!


Love it, love it, love it! That's going to make things so much easier.

Can't wait until October 1! Wooo!!!


Wow, that sounds great! Good work! I think it will simplify things quite a bit.

Sheila Ruth

Thanks, everyone! Anne, I love the way you described it. You made it so clear and understandable! To answer questions:

- I think the current plan is that every day a new post will be automatically generated with a list of books nominated in the last 24 hours. A post with the full list for each genre will be manually updated periodically.

- A book can only be nominated once. Period. If the book has already been nominated, for any category, it won't let you nominate it again. If organizers think it belongs in a different category, we'll move it.

I LOVE your new title, Anne!


Thanks for answering my questions, Sheila!

I'm glad there are plans for lists--I will be looking daily! Although I would also be happy to look hourly...


How cool! Isn't it great that there are techy people to help make everything easy and organized! Thanks, Sheila!

Jackie Parker

Even though I've known about this for so long, I'm still REALLY GEEKED about it! YAY SHEILA!! Woo!


Out of curiosity, can you submit several forms from the same computer/IP address--ie, if there are several people in the same household who want to nominate? Is it one ballot per IP, or one ballot per person/login ID?

Sheila Ruth

Finn: it's one ballot per person, so multiple people in the same household can each nominate, as long as they have separate email addresses. We're trusting that everyone won't abuse this. ;-)

Charlotte: For the obsessive among us (including me) who like to watch the nominations coming in, I've actually come up with a way that the nominations can be viewed live, up-to-the-minute, but your browser has to support iFrames for you to be able to see the live nominations list. There will also be daily updates posted to the blog, and a static nomination list that doesn't require iFrames will be updated periodically.

Jackie and Semicolon: Thanks!


Wow, Sheila, that iFrames thing sounds cool! It sounds like something beyond the reach of my household technology :) but I will try anyway...

Sheila Ruth

Well, most current browsers support iFrames, so chances are you're good. It's the older browsers that might have a problem, and I assume it won't work with text browsers or text-to-speech readers.

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