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November 10, 2009



Thanks, publishers! And thanks, Sheila, too. Y'all make our job easier and we appreciate it!

Susan (Chicken Spaghetti)

Wow! That's a nice long list. Thank you, publishers!

Sheila Ruth

I just heard from Capstone Press that they're going to be sending review copies of their nominated titles. Also, author Melissa Walker is sending review copies of her book, Lovestruck Summer. Thank you to both Capstone Press and Melissa Walker. I've added both names to the list!


As a panelist who is very busy reading all the great YA nominations, I want to definitely say thank you to the publishers and authors providing review copies. While I've been lucky with ILL and some book buying, the generosity from the publishers and authors has been wonderful. Thank you!

Sheila Ruth

More publishers and authors have been added to the list. Thanks go to the following publishers, who are also providing review copies:

Big Mouth House
Brown Books Publishing Group
Dundurn Books
Mercier Press
Weinstein Books

And also the following authors who are sending review copies of their books:

Elijah Meeks
Dawn Menge
Barbara B. Slater
B Lee Schmidt

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