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Saturday, September 18, 2004


Do you know what 'penultimate' means?

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I have my personal diet plan which I have made on my own and it works perfectly for me.I am not sure if this plan would have the same effect on other people but I am happy with the result.

Many diet plans are either far too expensive or have side effects on our body. A healthy eating habits is the way to go. It is a mix and match of foods we should eat at one time. My wife and I work out our menu every week. If breakfast is going to be heavy (e.g. bacon, eggs, sausage etc), we would then have a lighter lunch and dinner. The next day would be light breakfast (yogurts, cereals), heavy lunch, then light dinner (avoid cab. for dinner). Always try to have something light for dinner, as we won't have enough time to burn all the calorie. Last but not least, exercise is the key requirement to maintain a healthy life.

This one is for people who want to keep themself healthy and fit...

Weight loss is not something easy and if you want to succeed you should have a plan! I like your post!

I think that one of the best ways for people who cant easily fight temptation of food is to work in baby steps along with good excersise

I mean that you should lower your quantities graduallay and create a trainning routine that you fit in your daily basis

thanks alot

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