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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


The very fact that this "food pyramid" is the outcome not of a scientific consensus among nutritionists, but rather of lobbying efforts by various food industries, to me means it's pretty useless.

Government needs to be a force to balance the power of private industry, to protect the rest of us. It shouldn't be just a tool of private industry... Because then there's no one looking out for all us regular folks!

So true. Unfortunately, the corruption of science in American politics has been ongoing for decades. It will take incredibly strong leaders -- something we have not seen many of in recent times -- to clean up this mess.

It's a pyramid scheme!!! No really, I haven't accessed the web site yet to be able to form an opinion either way on it. I don't expect much improvement though because The World Has Changed from when I was a kid. When I was a kid, I knew all the kids in the neighborhood, and played with them... riding bikes, climbing trees, etc. I was Outside Because It Was Too Beautiful A Day To Spend Inside - per mom. And mom... she cooked dinner every night. Eating out then was a treat. Eating out now is a way of life. My son would rather play XBox than ride the bike we bought him. We never met all our neighbors and he didn't make many friends, except from school. I know that a fear of harm keeps me indoors more often than not. Rapists, drunk drivers, child molestors, terrorists... It's a much scarier world than the one I grew up in. The food pyramid might be a step in the right direction but it's only one aspect of reality today. Speaking of Reality, more and more people want to watch Reality on TV rather than be out there in life Living Reality. Strange and sad.

Kimberly, sometimes I think I'm just imagining things are worse in today's society. Then I read a comment like yours and my concerns are reaffirmed.

I also spent most of my childhood outdoors and loved it. Limits were place on how much TV I watched, but it didn't matter that much because I preferred to be outdoors.

I would like my son and future daughter to also be able to spend their time outdoors. Even though we have a national forest nearby, the only way for my kids to get there is if we drive them.

There are no trails that lead in and out of our park because no one thought to build them. Those places where walkable access is remembered are usually either cost prohibitive or in a spot I can't make a living.

This nation's food industry is another form of hostility directed at our children today. That is, kids are assaulted with commercials to eat this or that, which eventually leads to bad long-term habits as they enter adulthood.

I believe Americans eventually will have to stand up to these special interests and reclaim our society. And soon.

great comments as always brett.

And I know just the guy to do lead this movement of standing up to special interests. He has this blog called Dad Talk...

Uh oh, I walked into that one, didn't I?

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