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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Keep slamming them.

Solid post.

Thanks Phil. And thanks for all the links from your site and from Spokesman-Review.

Hi There,

I just wanted to comment on a few things. First, AMWAY?? Are you kidding me, you have obviously not done your research on this subject. Advocare is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, like amway. Yes, Advocare markets its products through the direct selling industry, but income is based solely on individual effort and there is no "pyramid" (dude, do some research before you write stuff like this, seriously). Second, have you any idea who formulates these products, let me guess, you don't. Well, let me just say this Advocare has a World Class Scientific and Medical Advisory Board with over 270 years of combined experience in the field (what did you say that your degree was in?) Finally, It's amazing what parents use to try and reflect attention away from their lack of responsibility, "Oh, I cant control my child because he drinks caffeine and eats chocolate", with all do respect, you having to peel your child off the wall has nothing to do with chocolate or caffeine, only their lack of discipline.

Chris, here’s a rebuttal.

1. The Amway reference is an observation by another blogger. He was offering his opinion based on what he read on the Advocare websites and his personal experiences.

2. I have found that there are plenty of experts out there with educations far surpassing my own who take opposite views on a large variety of issues. Example: Some experts say saturated fats are bad for you while others say it’s good. All of them have PhDs, but who is right?

As layman, I choose to look at the various sides and offer my own opinions, which I have as much right to do in this country as any expert. It does not take an expert to figure out that caffeine is generally not the best choice for young children; but my words here won’t stop those who want to feed this stuff to their kids.

3. Um, in fact, I don’t have trouble controlling my child, nor do most of the people who read this site. We learn by discussing products that undermine parents ability to do their jobs. The key point is this: food and nutritional corporations trying to shove one product after another down our children’s throats via slick marketing does complicate parenting.

And get off it Chris, most corporations put profit before people’s health and welfare. Putting addictive chemicals in a drink directed at young children is clearly motivated at hooking customers. Just ask the experts.

Your absolutley right, MOST corporations do put profit before people's health and well being, but Advocare doesn't. And the only way that you wouldn't know that is if you haven't looked at the company. That's all I'm asking, just look into the company, talk to someone who has been on the products, find out what they're doing for thousands and thousands of people. I will tell you that they are changing lives, they changed mine. Finally, if Advocare is doing anything for parenting they're helping turn it into what it's really suppose to be about, TIME. They're doing this by offering a chance for parents to build a part time, home-based, business so that they CAN be a part of their kids lives, which is something that corporate america has never offered and never will. Oh, and i'm pretty sure that it's impossible for any company to "shove it's product down the throat" of any child, especially since they're not allowed to sell anything to anyone under the age of 18.

you having to peel your child off the wall has nothing to do with chocolate or caffeine, only their lack of discipline.

These can only be the words of someone who either doesn't have kids or never spent much time with them when they were little!! Keep fighting the good fight Brett!

Chris: Maybe the company is great on all other levels, but marketing caffeinated drinks to 4-year-olds is simply a bad idea and unfair to parents who must constantly beat off the barage of products thrust at our children.

As to time, it is a big deal, but I place a premium on making sure my children eat whole, natural foods and drink water or unadulterated tea. We stay away from virtually all processed products. It means schlepping to the farmer's market and the best grocery stores we can find -- and afford -- but it's worth it.

Chip: As always, thanks!


AdvoCare does not market anything to 4 yr. olds, but it does market good nutrition for children to their parents. Somebody has to.

Chris, marketing "to" and marketing "for" 4 year olds is a fine, and nearly pointless distinction.

More and more kids as young as two are asking for their own products thanks to marketing efforts (I recently worked for a kids product company for 5 years).

Now, I'm all for parental responsibility. I think anyone who knowingly buys an "energy drink" for kids (who are, by definition, "energy" by nature) should be lashed behind the woodshed. Brett's efforts to keep things natural should be applauded and I hope (and expect) that I have the same willpower with my pending child (due in November).

That said, this company is taking clearly underhanded marketing tactics to play on the fact that people aren't as educated as they should be. By marching out their "experts" and "nutritional facts", they're playing off the inherent effect of so many experts and so much conflicting media about what is or is not good for you.

This is devious, underhanded marketing, to be sure. Don't kid yourself in saying "they have experts!" or that "they're here to give time back to the parents". That's a clueless pile of happy-go-lucky bullshit and simply isn't true. They are a corporation and perhaps they think they're doing something good, but they're not. They're there for profits first and foremost (which CAN come from honest, positive interaction with consumers and stellar products.... neither or which exist here)

Wow, thanks Jake. You get right to the heart of the matter.

Wow, Jake, your comments speak of nothing but total ignorance of AdvoCare. Who's basing their opinions on the "experts" and the "media"? Nobody listens to the media anymore, unless they like what they hear. About caffeine being addictive, it's not, at least in commonly consumed amounts, and I can prove it. Take someone addicted to coffee, and give them soda. Won't do it for them. And vice versa. The reason is because caffeine simply speeds the delivery of whatever else is with it. So what else is with it? In coffee, botanic acid. In soda, phosphoric acid. Plus all the sugar. That's what they get addicted to, and you can prove it too if you want to. The reason I researched it is because I became allergic to coffee, it gave me high fevers, but Spark doesn't bother me, in fact at helps a lot. But since you obviously haven't tried it, I can undertand why you wouldn't know. Thanks for listening! :-)

My son is 8 years old and has ADD and I can tell you it was a complete turn around for him when started the spark. He could focus alot better. I would just like to add that I took the spark packet to his doctor and she herself said that the caffine level was good and that there has been research that caffine has an opposite effect on children. It does not wire your child up.

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