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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Oh, also it could be a virus masquerading as an allergy, such as the flu. Forgot to mention that one.

First time I discovered I was allergic to laundry detergent was when I had the flu. Turns out you're more susceptible while sick.

'Interestingly, Seth doesn’t react well to polyester, either.'

Who does?

Glad to hear things are optimistic! I've come to learn that, as a father, things are never 'okay'. It's just varying degrees of worry.

Best of luck with this one. I hope it keeps on being just a minor annoyance.

I hate the thought of my Lemon getting sick. She's a couple of weeks away from being born and although I'm looking forward to meeting her, I like that she's safe where she is now...

Jared: I wish what you just wrote wasn't true, but in many ways you're right.

Dreadmouse: Congratulations on your pending source of no sleep ever again.

Yes, I agree that once the baby is out, you kinda think, "Why did you come out here? It's not safe out here. Go back in." Of course your wife will say, "Over my dead body."

Don't worry, it's one heck of a ride once you have a baby in the house and you will love it. (Probably.)

Well... no leisure suits for your family, I guess. Your loss!

I have an allergy to Journey and REO Speedwagon songs.

Jessica: That's for sure.

Phil: Oh, my two most hated groups while growing up. Especially Journey. Don't get me started...

These allergic reactions are fatal, my 3 year old son was very similar way, thank god we got a very good and the cream could be retrieved, but still do not know who caused this problem, it's good to share this information because there are young parents in this area and often do not know what to do in moments of these ...

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