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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Yes, it's true, I'm a goddess. I wield my magic glue gun and voila! Leftover fabric become an air hockey table!

I really don't know why Brett isn't more religious. On Passover, I'll be working miracles with my grandmother's chopped liver recipe. If that doesn't make a true believer out of him, nothing will.

How about never underestimate the power of spending a day with your family doing something just a little bit out of the ordinary routine to make you appreciate all the little things you sometimes take for granted.

Glad everyone had fun. I love the pictures.

Anne: That's funny.

Philip: Thanks!

sounds like a great time! And I love Seth's costume, not surprising he (and Anne) won!

My wife has a very creative eye.

Goldfish prizes at festivals must be sponsored by the pet stores. After winning a goldfish at such a festival, buying the small goldfish bowl, and watching the goldfish die, I (or, more accurately, my parents) shelled out the money for the REAL goldfish tank with filter and everything. I ended up owning four goldfish at various times over the next couple of years.

Air hockey is better. You don't have to buy accessories (although if Seth fires too vigorously, a cup might be in order).

More like a face mask.

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Wow, that's bigger than our apartment.

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