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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Dude, I'm with ya.

It makes it a lot harder to hate big corporations when you're reminded that normal people who also probably hate big corporations work there so their kids have health insurance.

How cool that they found your blog and actually DID something!

Many companies have someone in customer service scanning the internets for post about them. Helps them make up, then wins them good media - like this.

I'm happy for it because I think a lot of people, like you did, want to complain but it's hard as hell sometimes to get a complaint lodged. The companies that really care about their image will come to you.

Also, thanks for the link. I was tempted the other day to pick on you about that. :P

Lifehacker recently featured an article on getting satisfaction from customer service.

Generally, a well-written, level-headed complaint letter can do the trick. My wife once wrote Mars, Inc. about a less-than-perfect bag of M&Ms, and received a box full of candy and gift certificates.

Jonathon: Considering I worked for big corporations all my life, it is hard to love/hate them. I can't make up my mind.

Autumn: Yeah, the service reps I talked to were clearing reading from a script and did not feel empowered enough to take matters into their own hands. Kind of sad, but that's how corps. manage their people.

I used to have a link for you, but at some point it disappeared. I noticed it today and put it in this morning. Sorry about that.

Jared: What a good point. I'm usually just to busy to deal with it, but I should send more stuff back.

Besides, a lot of stuff that breaks IS still on warranty. It's often just faster to buy another one.

You should make this a regular feature... Complain about products that bother you, then just sit back and watch all the free stuff roll in.


I don't want to knock your getting the situation resolved, but what kind of lesson is this for Dell? Sure, the company should be watching for blog complaints and fixing the situations it sees. But how about Dell publishing its Advocate contact information for everyone with a beef who doesn't happen to have their own blog? It shouldn't take this much to get a wrong righted.

I won't buy Dell for the simple reason that I fear what would happen if my hardware fails and I have to call tech support. I'm on a six-year-old Dell right now, so it's an issue I've given considerable recent thought. I've read too many personal stories.

As for Typepad, I'm tired of the outages too. Whatcha gonna do, manually move hundreds of blog postings to a new location? [rock] [you] [hard place]

Phil: It's a great idea, but it's too tiring.

AJ: Don't worry, I haven't fallen in love with Dell, but I'll take the apology.

As for Typepad: Yeah, moving everything would be a nightmare, though I suppose I could download Movable Type and export my site to another hosting service.

My bigger problem is that they spend too much time on Widgets and not enough time giving us more design tools.

Good for you. Seems like you have written an article that caught their attention.

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