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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Breakfast cereal must not only be thrown on the floor, but crushed underfoot like peasants.

Oh no! You'd never guess from her sweet exterior.

We had a great time meeting you all Saturday. Henry loved playing with both of your children.

It was quite a chore of a train ride home however and I'm not sure we'll do that again for at least a couple years. Too bad, b/c it cuts an hour off the drive.

Anne: I love the feeling of crushed cereal crumbs underfoot in the morning.

Rayne: Oh, she IS sweet. That's the thing. She destroys with a SMILE on her face.

We enjoyed meeting you, Henry and your mom. Seth and Lael had a blast, too.

As for the train ride: Ask my wife about flying.

AH HA!! We have one of those (second child) too....we have dubbed him "Mr. Mischief..." He could probably give the Queen a run for her curly locks......EEeeeekkkkk.....

Hmmm, I wonder if that's common with second children.

Well, I'm chiming in to say that my second child is like this too. Perhaps it's their method of guaranteeing our attention? My son is apparently very angry at every piece of consumer electronics in our house, even the ones that he likes (for example, the TV).

That can't be good. 2nd children rule?

And people wonder why we're not having a second kid ...


Oh, we love having two. But that doesn't mean our second isn't a hoot just the same.

ROFL...I laughed hysterically at this whole thing, as you pretty much described exactly ou 19 month old. Makes me feel much better, that we're not the only ones with a holy terror running the house.

Maybe we should get our holy terrors together next time we're in AZ.

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