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Monday, June 18, 2007


Buy a home lead testing kit at a hardware store (Ace Hardware usually carries them). They run $10 to $15, and are good for about 5 tests.

Good idea, though we probably have 100 or more objects worthy of testing!

I took 2 trains and 2 signs out of Henry's toy bin. I'm going to wait a bit to send them back though in case the recall expands to other trains (like the chinese dragon which s not on the list but is primarily yellow and red).

Oo, we have the Chinese Dragon. Good point.

Thanks for posting this. I missed it, of course, and never would have known about it. I passed the info on to a friend who's kids have some Thomas Toys.

It's amazing how many things from China don't fit American standards. One more point for those who are against unmonitored globalization and for buying American.

I wonder if China is doing it to make things cheaper... or just from simple negligence.

It's all about da money.

Relax man. Honestly, do you think a kid could eat _all_ of the paint on a single toy? The problem with lead paint in the old days was that kids would be around it (whole walls or sills or whatever) all the time. Is that the case with these train pieces? I doubt it. And, one little train ain't the same as a wall of paint.

I don't know if I can relax about it, but you do bring up a great point: Is there a higher or lower lead concentration in these toys than old house paint. Anyone know?

Thanks for posting this. While I'm not likely to go on a large scale Thomas roundup, it is good to know.

Thanks for posting this. While I'm not likely to go on a large scale Thomas roundup, it is good to know.

You're welcome.

I have 2 kids myself and I know exactly what you are talking about. You never really know where a lot of these products are originating from, and who inspected them. Always better to err on the side of caution.

Hello, I am with Viles and Beckman, LLC. We are actively investigating the current Thomas the Tank Engine/RC2 lead toys debacle. If any parents or toy owners would like their toys to have their lead levels check (in an independent lab in Massachusetts) please contact our firm. We will happily accept your toys, return them (if you so wish), and inform you of the results of the testing.

Thank You,
Chris P.

For more information please email (any of the addresses below):
metasaiyan45@hotmail.com marcus@vilesandbeckman.com

Chris, I normally would strip a solicitous comment like this, but you know what? I think it's justified in this case.

My only request: If you find more products with lead in them, please let me know so I can inform my readers.


Finally have kids old enough to worry about these things...is anyone still going to read this page????(pretty old post I'm trying to tag onto)

...Hopefully -- anyone know of Thomas recalls BEFORE this '05-'07 recall. I've got a lot of hand-me-down Thomas engines, cars, etc. from a nephew. Most of it was made(or bought) between 1998 and 2003.

I'll probably answer my own questions with a couple more hours a research, but any info. out there would be appreciated. Thanks.

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