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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I don't know about these acronyms... SAHD, WAHD... they sound so depressing.

"I'm sad! Waaaaaaahd!"

Oh well.

Man, I can just picture it.

You frantically waving at the children, trying NOT to hit the MUTE button or give away your distress. Then one the topic changes, MUTE and "stop doing that!!"

Good luck!

Our biggest life saver has been having a dedicated office room with a door that locks. We both work from home pretty frequently and would not survive without one or two lockout sessions a day for the phone calls.

Phil: They are kind of silly.

Summer: I think I told one ad rep to stop hitting his sister. He was very confused.

Mike: I suppose I could block the door with weights, but my kids are young enough that I have a "need" to intervene. In one incident, Seth was pushing Lael down the staircase.

Words I commonly hear out of my mouth: "My kids love each other to DEATH."

I've done the WAVING and SNAPPINg at the kids when they come in while I'm in the middle of a conference call. Yeah..it's not pretty. But now before a call I just let them know that I'll be unavailable for a bit and I'll let them know when they can come in. They understand now...

I'm going with WAHSAHD...work at home stay at home dad. I start my self-employment from home/at home with the girls on 8/22.

I can totally relate to the conference call thing, managing that mute button is a skill!

Grace: So far, advanced warning is sort of like a magic button that says, "hey, let's make noise NOW." I'm sure the kids will learn over time, though.

Jeff: Ah, the mute button. For some reason, mine doesn't work! I will have an IP phone soon, which will help.

How about this acronym: SAHDWWTTADALOL: Stay-At-Home Dad Who Works There Too And Does A Lot of Laundry?

Judith Warner of the NYT has an interesting article about parenting and values.


I hate to admit it, but Warner is spot on. Sharks breed sharks; I have met multiple generations of them.

I was a WAHD once. I loved it. Now I work 9 hours a day + a 1.5 hour commute. Not loving it so much.

Many people don't seem to understand that while my kids are still small, it's important (for them and me) to be together more, not less.

I bet that your entire family will thrive from this opportunity. WAHD power to you.

I love this post so much, I'm submitting it to the next Tops in Pops blog carnival at Daddy Brain.



Thanks! And I hope you can find a job that requires less commuting!

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