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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Well, well... Looks like we're all riding the modern equivalent to the Titanic, and the idiots at the helm (the US Government, ALL parties, plus the treasury) have just rammed us into the proverbial ice-berg. Simple math dictates that it's now just a matter of time... Our government has sold us out, and catastrophic failure is imminent. However, most folks currently seem more preoccupied with rearranging the deck chairs... we are, afterall, unsinkable, right?? Don't be too surprised when the fellows collecting the survivors happen to show up in a Chinese container ship.

The way that a tax cut would work here is the reality that tax revenues almost always increase following a tax cut. The best way to increase tax revenues to fund this crazy bailout would be to lower corporate taxes. This would lead to more economic growth and make us competitive in exporting goods which would bring in more tax dollars.

We have the second highest corporate tax rates in the world which causes us to be less competitive than we should be and has led to the massive trade deficits of the past few years. Lowering taxes coupled with a corporate attempt to take down the unions (who have outlived their purpose)would allow us to continue growing our economy, but at a much higher rate.

C.: Actually, I think the world economy is in for a fall. Our problems are everybody's problems. China owns about $376 billion worth of Freddie and Fannie, after all.

Sam: I have my doubts on that idea as long as government spending continues to increase. Right or wrong on whether tax cuts increases overall government revenue, it matters little if we squander the money on wars and corporate bailouts.

Who's next GM, Ford, Chrysler? GE? Bank of America, Wachovia, WashMutual, JPMorgan? Are you kidding me? Somebody slap the %*#$ outta me... How about another stimulus? $100,000 each. Yippee!!! Games Over folks...

Z, where we gonna' get that money from? Isn't the US government and the department of the treasury just as insolvent as any institution out there? Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. By the way, I don't recall voting for ANYONE who promised to act along these lines on my behalf as my elected representative to government. Where did these a**holes come from?? And, how does it come about that the tax-paying american is forced to reward others' financial irresponsibility with his own tax dollars?? I'm with you though... "Somebody slap the %*#$ outta me" too, cause I don't get this one bit!

Friends keep friends millionaires. I need new friends.

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