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Monday, February 02, 2009


I ordered flowers from ProFlowers once with a coupon and somehow they said I signed up for an Easy Saver program that started charging my credit card $14.99 a month for NOTHING. I disputed the charges and filed a complaint with the BBB.

@Rayne of Terror,
Thanks for the info.
Last thing I need is to have to deal with some jerk company.

Think I'll skip this contest.

Well I have ordered from proflowers and have had nothing but positive reviews from those I send to.
I would love to send flowers to my mother, she is far away and don't get to see her but a plant or flowers at her door always cheer her up and the tone in her voice when she calls all excited I know they are beautiful...and well appreciated. She has done so much for me and something so little bringing a smile to her face means alot to me.

I'm doing this on behalf of my husband, who sure as heck would rather have a Blackberry, but would be highly unlikely to spend that much on himself.

His grandmother recently had to go into a retirement home too far for us to see her anymore. She's so far away, and letters and phone calls only go so far. I think that sending her a Valentine's Day would cheer her up and let her know that we're thinking of her and that we love her.


Rayne: I'm sorry to hear you had a problem. If that happens to any of my contest winners, the blogging world will hear about it.

Good afternoon!

My wife deserves flowers for Valentine's Day because she has recently chosen to be completely open and honest with me about some financial decisions she made in the past couple years. It took a lot to open up and tell me the truth as I often blow my top when it comes to finances. Because she was honest and is willing to work on the problem, I think she deserves flowers this Valentine's Day!

My daughter deserves flowers. She had a difficult pregnancy and birth, and is a SPECTACULAR mom to her daughter. I'm so proud of her.

My Mom deserves a flower this Valentines.Because she has a long patience to me.


My wife definitely deserves flowers. She deserves so much more. She is an excellent mother of our two young children. She loved me unconditionally and kept trying to reach out to me when i put her through hard times. She single handedly got me off drugs in which before hand she dealt with a lot of senseless crap from me. She was strong when i was weak. She taught me how to love. I'm so lucky to have her in my life. Now making her smile is the only way i can truly be happy.

I'd like to give my wife flowers because she's currently pregnant with our third child and it would make her day. Winning the contest would make my day so because I'd save money that we can save for the birth since our rat bastard insurance company won't cover midwives the same way they cover doctors.

One Valentine's day, when I was sick with the flu, my wife got me candy and rented Animal House. If there is a more awesome Valentine's day, I don't want to know about it.

A good friend's father passed away from cancer last year (actually her father in law did too, but let's stick with the story)and her other is 70-something and living on her own for the first time. She and her husband were able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary just before he died but the holidays were a bit tough on her. Thanks for making me think outside the box for this one because, while I would LOVE the flowers for myself, my husband, or my mom, it occurs to me that my pal Debbie's mom will be without her sweetie for the first time in fifty years. She needs some flowers!

woops- that should read "mother" up there in my last comment. Her mother is living on her own....

I'd love to send ProFlowers to my friend, Vicki. She's in terrible health and should retire, but she can't afford to. She continues to work all night for the local power district for $10 an hour. She gets off at eight in the morning, about the time she ought to be waking up for the day. She's too exhausted for anything beyond sleep and work.

She has post-polio syndrome, emphysema and COPD, and she about to go on oxygen. She takes a few steps, then needs to sit and rest. She's so afraid of losing her job, she keeps on, though it's further damaging her health.

ProFlowers? Heck yes, she deserves ProFlowers. And she deserves a medal, too. I'd love to let you help me brighten her day.

I would like to be able to send my 90 year old Grandma flowers from my children this Valentine's Day. She had hip surgery on Tuesday and is having a rough go of it. Our relationship hasn't been that great over the years but I know my children enjoyed visiting her at Christmas. If I had free money to use for flowers, I would send them to her. Otherwise, I'll have the kids call her to say hi on V Day.

I would send flowers to my MIL..Why because she is having a lot of health issues and they wanted to put her out of work but she refuses but her daughter has 4 kids that she don't take care of so guess who takes care of them!? you guessed it my great MIL. I would love to be able to brighten her day and I know it would be something she least expected on V-day.

How wonderful to read the comments here. So many sweet people wanting to share the love. Happy Valentine's Day to all.

In the 15 years we've been together there's not been a time when I haven't felt like the luckiest guy in the world. My wife is even more beautiful today at 43 than she was when we met. I tell her all the time that she has "banjo eyes", they're the first thing I noticed about her when we met.

While cliche, she really is my best friend. While I tend to fly high and to the right, she's pretty much my ground. If anyone can bring me back to earth when I fly off the handle, it's my wife, and with four children that's been known to happen. My wife has a keen sense of humor; there's no one I know that can make me laugh like she can. Did I mention how smart, kind, and sexy she is too?

The only thing about my life I'd change is that both of us work full-time on opposite shifts so we only really "see" each other a few days a week. Most days we're just crossing paths; one of us leaving for work, the other coming home. The past few months have been a little tense since both our jobs are shaky right now. Sending her flowers would really make her happy and no one deserves them more than she does.

Ok, I'm the wife, but I'd really like to win these because my husband works in an office with about 30 women and two men. He gets messed with when I do things like send him flowers or make him say I love you louder! I love to hear all the ladies reactions!

My Mom made such a sad statement the other day while watching a flower commerical. "Well I guess I won't be getting any this year!" No she wasn't giving me a big hint, she was stating the fact that my father no longer thinks of special occasions as anything other than just a day. she deserves so much more than that, she raised two children basically on her own and devotes her spare time to community work. She is my role model and I'm so very glad that I can call her my best friend

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