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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I can just imagine how "itchy-scratchy" your arm felt. And those darn scorpions! Looks like it was a tiny one too -- the worst kind ever.

I've gotten good at not scratching bites, but yeah, it was pretty intense.

Great Scott, what a time you've had!

Yeah, it really bugs me.

Wow that scorpion is crazy. Makes me glad I live halfway to the arctic where we don't have those things.

I can ship one!

...and you're worried about trace amounts of chemicals leaching out of water bottles?

Meanwhile, a half of dozen ants just injected you with a powerful toxin.

Just sayin'!! :-)

I had no control over the ants, which are a part of nature. But the water bottle makers are people knowingly duping customers. They're on different moral strata.

Besides, BPA doesn't scare me, a middle age man. Those bottles were for my kids and the fear is that BPA affects kids a lot more than adults.

(Sorry, my sense of humor is a bit limited when it comes to this one.)

I wasn't expecting you to take that one so seriously.

I agree that people selling products and misleading, especially in the extreme fashion that the Swiss company did with their bottles should be punishable by severe caning.

You don't sell market a product to people who are fearful of chemicals leaching into their water and then line the metal bottles with plastic that could potentially leach BPA.

I'm just tired of being tricked or thwarted when trying to do the right thing. It's exhausting.

Well, at least tequila comes in glass bottles, so it should be safe for you to make some margaritas or pour some shots to help relax you and get you mind onto other things. ;-)

Think anyone would notice me walking around with a tequila bottle filled with water in my fanny pack?

that was so terrible skin condition.

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