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July 19, 2004


Oh dear! We thought it bad enough when our son, then still 2, managed to take a screwdriver and remove the indicator lenses from both our car and that of my wife's cousin. We let him play in the car all day, but the worst he did was pull off and lose all the buttons from the heating and air-vent controls. Oh yeah, and then there was his first ever sentence, which he toddled inside, sans pants to deliver: "Done poos. Done poos in mummy's car." Yup, no nappy. We dumb.

I was scared to death during your story (because I know, all joking aside, YOU were scared to death.) Still, I can't help but laugh...bump bump bump....hahaha...

Uh oh, I was worried that some folks might get confused. Whenever the Empress labels a story "Ultimate Sacrifice," she's talking about her worst imagined nightmare -- not the real thing.

Fortunately, the worst thing Seth has done in the car so far is change every setting you can imagine. i.e. drained the car battery by leaving a headlight on or the windshield wipers start swishing when the engine starts.

Whoops, sorry about that everyone. Yes, Ultimate Sacrifice is fiction. Based on real paranoias, of course. I'll start putting a note at the top to remind people.

(Blushes furiously)

I wondered, but you normally flag your death a little more explicitly …

But don't put a note at the top: this response is good.

Oh man! I'm the one blushing. I sort of wondered...but it was just so real! It's a tribute to your wonderful writing that we were taken in. (I'm such a suck up.)

I didn't mean to fool anyone, honest. Thanks everyone.

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