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August 12, 2004


Sadly, it's all true. Why spend perfectly good money on an overvalued house when we can spend it on important things like electronics?

Procrastination is good. Don't you want to give the next owners something to do (or not do)?

I'm not a big fan of moving, preferring to settle in one place for as long as possible. I've lived in this house for over seven years and have no intention of leaving - unless I win the lottery and can actually afford a better home at current California prices.

I would let the house fall down around my ears, if it meant I could have lots of cool electronic gadgets.

Anne, you should install a webcam and have a whole website devoted to watching your lattice fall apart. It would be a new craze that would sweep the net. You could charge people $10 for a month of unlimited viewing and take bets on when it finally falls apart. You'd make millions.

I don't want to say I was naive when I bought this house (my first), but the previous owner told me that the gigantic tent set up in the backyard was for his kids to play in. Little did I know it was covering up the complete disaster zone that was the yard. Two and a half years later, in anticipation of a lot of out of town guests arriving shortly after the new baby does, we're finally getting it relandscaped.

Had I known house prices were going to go this insane, I would have bought the one bedroom in Silver Lake that now goes for $750,000. Then I would have sold it and be ready to retire by moving to Oregon.

OE: Those lottery winnings might actually get you a really nice refrigerator box on one of the better street corners in LA. Good luck.

Faith: I thought about a webcam when I was breast-feeding, dubbed the MamCam. I'm just not technically literate enough, I guess.

Gooch: My powers of observation lead me to believe that a) you're having a boy and b) you're planning a brit mila (circumcision ceremony). May I assume that c) you're going to email me directions when you know the day/time? Can't wait to meet the Goochlet!

Plosh: Now you tell me. Humph.

Your powers of observation are right about the boy. And he will be circumsized. But, did I mention my wife is a shiksa (sp?)? Like many other-culture traditions, I'm having a hard time explaining that it isn't weird to have a big group of people over watching your kid get circumsized. It's a losing battle

But you ARE having one, aren't you? Show her this post -- Mrs. Gooch, you MUST have a bris! It'll be fun. Promise.

Besides, unlike the stereotypes, there's actual ritual required for a Jewish celebration. No bris, no party. No shlepping the kid to Bar Mitzvah lessons/shabbat services for three years, no party. Get used to it, sweetie.

Oh boy, for those outside the Jewish and Muslim faiths, there's a subject that, in this country at least, catalyses more emotion and opprobrium than even the mother who takes an injection after the birth to stop lactation. Very few doctors will even perform the operation and it's mostly considered barbaric mutilation. Which is all a complete shift from a generation or two back, when, like I gather the US is, circumcision was the unquestioned norm.

OTOH, the emphasis on ceremony for different life stages in itself is a magnificent and utterly necessary thing and something that is so badly lacking from our society in general.

This has become the naughty body parts blog. Poop chutes, boobies and now pee-pees.

Circumcision's pretty much the parents' decision here. Though our pediatrician was horrified to learn I had Seth's done at home on the kitchen table (don't worry, I sterilized both the paring knife AND the potato peeler).

I seem to shock the pediatrician a lot, but at least she always remembers me.

Your male readers, excepting the extreme fetishists, are now rolling on the floor, hands grimly clutching their genitals in empathetic pain.

BTW, I apologise if my language seemed extreme, but for me, and I guess a lot of guys my age, I kinda wish I'd been given a choice in the matter.

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