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August 09, 2004


Funny how the appreciation of good toilet humor starts so young.

And the little kids learn that constipation is evil.

Is this a brand new category? Love the song, I'm humming it right now...

I don't have a song. At Thanksgiving my family takes up a collection to keep me from singing for the year.

Yes, this is a brand-new category. I couldn't help but notice that the poop posts were getting twice as many hits and comments as elsewhere. So much for raising the level of parenting discussions, eh?

And, yep, constipation is evil, bad, dangerous, no good, rotten.

I've really tried to resist, but...when my 4-year-old is "stuck" he'll yell out "Mom - I need some raisins RIGHT NOW." Then he sits there on the poddy, happily munching his raisins, sure the world will soon be right again.

If Seth's into trucks like my son is, I have a construction song I made up for Chris one desperately long drive a few years ago to keep him occupied. It's been a hit ever since and often requested. Though he's started rewriting me a bit lately. Everybody's a critic!

I wanna hear the truck song!

Ditto on the construction song. And is there a symbolic significance to the raisins?

I assume raisins (grapes) and prunes (plums) are distant cousins.

Oh, that clears things up. Er, no pun intended.

One more comment, then back to work - it's interesting to see how the readers of a blog can shape the content of the blog.

I'll give you an example. In my blog, I posted a short comment when Rick James died. When I subsequently checked my Blogpatrol report, I found out that several people were getting to my site after performing a Yahoo! search on the words "rick james dead." So I posted more Rick James stuff. And more Rick James stuff. The record reviews. The autopsy. The funeral. Next I'll probably cover the reading of the will.

Of course, if you're getting a lot of hits with your poop posts, then I can start posting about the stray cats in my neighborhood, and the things that they do to my yard. I'm sure that it will make fascinating reading.

I'd think the cats would make for hilarious reading. But that's me.

Yes, readers are definitely shaping my blog, but everyone's well behaved and, so far, pretty damn funny. I don't intend to rename this "the poop blog" by any means. But it's definitely become part of the repertoire. :-)

I find that who I read shapes my blog too. Since I've started reading you, I've made an effort to talk more about my day to day mommy stuff. It is what I intended from the start, but I had somehow gotten away from it. Too much drama in my life!

I can't help myself...this morning my son asked me - very seriously - Mommy, do police poop, too? Made me think of your song...now you have another verse to add. Police poop too! Ok, I'm going to stop now with the poop comments!

That's a great bit of poetry Anne - and it's honest. Have you 'been' today?

Uhhh ... thanks Adrian. Welcome to my blog. Um, I, uh, can't really answer your question because I'm blushing.

Thanks for your welcome. I'd didn't mean to embarrass you but, as you freely admit, it's perfectly natural. When you've gotta go you've gotta go!

The importance of staying regular can't be overstated. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg generally helps as does establishing a regular habit which I hope you have. I find it's best to go about 15 to 20 minutes after a main meal and the intestines are naturally distended then and it's much easier than at other times. If all else fails prune juice is good for getting things moving!

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