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August 07, 2004


Poor little guy...Sydney had an accident just last night and she cried too.

Accidents never worry my 3yo, she frequently and deliberately widdles anywhere she can — bath, shower, outside on the concrete, in the garden — and roars with laughter every time. I'm running her a bath, hear a thrumming/drumming noise and look up to see her, bum hung over the edge, piddling down the (in)side of the bath with great glee.

She still has genuine accidents, if one can call holding on too long an accident, but she just puts the dirty clothes in the laundry and fetches herself some new ones.

She's quite feral.

This was a huge milestone for my wee one (no pun intended). He'd never even tried to pee while anywhere in the vicinity of the toilet, so I keenly felt his disappointment.

Faith: I hope Sydney's over her accident; I'm sure she got lots of cuddles from her Momma.

Andrew: What're you raising there, a wolf cub? Sounds more like a boy, whipping his thingee out and writing his name in the snow. Sheesh.

Heh: my boy and his cousin both did exactly that last weekend on holidays :-) My girl also left her mark, but not to write her name, just to void her bladder.

And wasn't there a joke going round a few years' back about Bill Clinton waking up to find a rude personal message in the snow outside. The punch line being that analysis identified the urine as being Al Gore's, but the handwriting was Hillary's?

I remember when my boy, now 10, first realised that he was peeing. He was about 18 months. He shrieked with delight, then announced "Wee on flarpet (carpet)!" That done, he looked around for a new target and spied the cat. Imagine if you will the poor cat (hah, serves it right just for being a cat I reckon) huddled desperately in the armchair while a small, semi-naked boy looms over trying his best, but ultimately failing, to wee on it. And two parents too helpless with laughter to stop him.

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