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September 10, 2004


As a man, I followed your suggestion to "spice up" my reading of your hobbies. However, I have some concerns.

31. I'm not Jewish, but I can't help but think that people are usually clothed during Bat Mitzvah celebrations. In fact, other than circumcision, I don't know of any Jewish ceremony in which nudity is encouraged. Perhaps I'm wrong.

32-35. Nudity and sharp objects such as scissors, knitting needles, and the like just don't mix. Unless you're an accupuncturist.

38. I played flute also (plus I played clarinet for a year), but because the flute is bent to the side, I never thought of it as a phallic object. However, I think I now understand the extremely positive reaction to Bill Clinton's saxophone-playing appearance on the Arsenio Hall show.

39. Cooking in the nude can also be a dangerous activity, should the water (or something else) boil over. By the way, don't drive to McDonald's in the nude - the coffee can be very hot.

What a busy, arty person you are. I mope, read a bit, go for walks, cook when the pile of leftovers in the fridge is gone.

As for spice, I shall choose to believe that you wrote this list in the nude. Blogging in the nude is fine; I often blog — or at least read other's blogs and write comments — in the nude, late at night after my shower, when the children are in bed. Especially in summer.

Since you're married and I'm married I will forgo the obligatory "American Pie" reference in regards to your flute playing past

It's No. 37 that I like in the nude.

Okay, you all had me cracking up, even if I didn't get the American Pie reference. Didn't see it, sorry to say. Must be a generational/gender thing.

Nude Bat Mitzvahs ... granpa in nuthin' but his yarmulke ... won't go there ...

Nude cooking -- if I wear an apron, is it still nude? Guess not. Dang.

Nude blogging -- must try it. Except my wooden chair is cold in exactly the wrong spot.

I used to telecommute for a Silicon Valley website and the writers were convinced I edited them in the nude. One guy, one lesbian; I had to endure their goofy fantasies for months until I broke down and said I was fully dressed, just barefoot. No one believed me. Then the IT guy started calling me -- same thing. No wonder the high-tech industry collapsed. Who could get any work done?

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