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October 19, 2004


I've commented about the whole veggie thing over at Motomama's. But that Brie sandwich....oh yuuuuuuum. Brie rules!

Do you do fondue? I have an awesome recipe for Brie fondue. You have to cut off all the rind for the fondue, but that doesn't mean you can't snack on it. It uses a POUND of the stuff and it's like heaven.

Email me if you want the recipe. I'll dig it up (it's an old Bon Appetit one).

My mouth is watering. Mmmmmmm.

For whatever it's worth - I went vegetarian for about a year. I was living with my vegetarian then-girlfriend and it just made it easier overall. I ended up fatter than I'd ever been - double chin, six months pregnant looking belly, additional 20 pounds on the scale. Must have been all the pasta.

Oh-my-gosh! I'm stuck at work and totally craving this sandwich right now. Anne - you are amazing. I loooove Brie and apples, just never thought to combine them together like this. I'll try this weekend and report back. I have a feeling the kids might like it too. Thank you Sandwich Maven!

I had that sandwich once, with raisins and almonds. Man, even though that chef I dated was a total jerk, I still kind of miss him.

I just happen to have some Brie in the fridge and some fresh picked in North Georgia Fuji apples on the counter! I'm having this sandwich for lunch today...I'll let you know who yummy it is!

Anne-Marie: Hubby can't eat fondue (the whole lactose thing) but I'm drooling. Sure, go ahead and send it to me. Scrumptious.

Michelle: Thanks :-)

Gooch: Same thing happened to me when I tried to go veggie in my early 30s. Only it was the french fries.

Lapdwife: Let me know how it comes out. If you need to adjust the recipe a little to compensate for different kinds of bread or whatever, I'd love to know your solutions/variations.

Lilit: A jerk who cooks? As opposed to a jerk who makes YOU cook and leaves the dishes in the sink besides? No wonder you miss him. ;-)

Faith: Yes, please let me know, as I said with lapdwife. Am curious to know how recipes come out when others do them, as I don't exactly have a test kitchen and huge staff to help me out. Things tend to be rather serendipitous and haphazard around here.

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