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October 01, 2004


You love a man in a uniform. ;)

Years ago, I lived in the apartments on the northwest corner of 13th and Campus. When I moved in the apartments in 1984, they had security gates, you got a key to the laundry room, etc., etc., etc. When I moved out in 1989, the security gates had long since been propped to the open position, and when I turned in my laundry room key, they said, "Oh, that's from when we used to give out keys to the laundry room."

Still, it was a nice place to live as a single, and I still remember the time at the pool when a woman said, "You swim pretty good for a white guy." Suffice it to say that I am no threat to Michael Phelps, and that therefore your city must have a terrible drug crime problem because this woman was obviously out of it.

A few years later my wife and I lived in some apartments at the southeast corner of 8th & Benson. That was a slightly higher crime threat, due to an apartment complex 1/4 mile away that wasn't managed well.

Our last residence in your city was just south of the high school, and while living there we had to deal with a horrifying crime. One day we discovered some cigarette butts in our backyard, and they were in such a position that they obviously weren't thrown over the wall. Apparently, someone or someones climbed our fence and SMOKED IN OUR BACKYARD.

To tell the truth, there was a slightly nervous day when a bank robber headed to our street. My wife was driving home, and was advised by police to have business elsewhere for a while. They finally caught the crook hiding on one of the properties (either in a garage or a backyard, I forget which).

I'd wear a bulletproof vest if I were you. Or at least encourage your neighbors to wear 'em. Enjoy.

Armed men in uniform on big motocycles...

H-O-T! I'm coming over right now.

Why do you think I married Big Bad Dad - motorcycle, military hair cut, big boots, and black leather jacket. Oh, and he can dance, too.

As far as crime goes. Lucky you. Count your blessings, too. We had a very brutal rape a few neighborhoods away that really freaked out all us SAHM. Otherwise it's quiet out here on the Colorado plains.

But think of it this way - like anyone's going to come over your house and steal all those tablecloths anyhow.

OE: Yeah, Upland actually does have some rough patches and I know I shouldn't snort at the crime stats. Still, the crime scare seems overblown to me.

Oh, and the police and fireman's assoc. called today to ask me to vote for the mayor. Funny.

Anne-Marie: I don't know my new neighbor's schedule yet, otherwise I'd have you come over and watch for him.

And yes, I do count my blessings, crime-wise. I've been supremely lucky and have so far escaped anything serious. Of course, the condition of my house fairly screams "nothing to steal here" but I'm still grateful.

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