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November 17, 2004


Excellent post... just surfed through blog explosion.... I'll be sure to come back!

Just goes to show that 90% of our "taste" buds are probably related to things unrelated to the tongue. (Insert comment here.)

Back in December 1997 I was with two co-workers at an outdoor restaurant across the street from the beach in Copacabana, eating a wonderful salad. (For the record, I was fully clothed, and my co-workers were male. Good meal anyway.) Something about the very foreign-ness of the situation (the only Portugese that I know is "obrigado") just made the meal taste better.

Sounds interesting, Anne. Did that kind of food ever disagree with you though?

Cori, I just took a quick look at your site, and all I can say is "wow." I wish you well on your journey to find your dad.

Cori: Thanks! Your blog is so poetic and elegant, I'll be posting a link soon (when I get around to it. Sigh).

OE: What, you were clothed? In Portugal? Hah! Likely story. But, yes, being in a foreign country and taking in a new environment does something to sharpen our senses, somehow. The impressions are indelible.

Adrian: Welcome back! Greek food was fine, but I was warned to stock up on toilet paper before continuing on to Turkey. It was sage advice. I'll let your imagination fill in the details.

Thanks, Anne. I think you were wise. My imagination has certainly plugged the gaps!

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