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December 28, 2004


On the other hand, I'm happy enough.

I can soooo relate. I started out as a perky 32C and after my first pg, I was a 34H. Now that baby #2 is here, I was hoping (praying) they (the boobs) wouldn't explode but no such luck. 34H again.

I wonder about the people who go in for surgery to purposely do this to their boobs.

Good luck with your pg!

I'm never complaining again! Both my pregnancies I went from D to DD (or even triple in the serious nursing months). And there I remain, 2 years later. Oh well, the hubby isn't complaining, though my shoulders often do.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! I can't wait until you, too, join the ranks of the great unwashed (as I type this, it's almost 11 a.m. and I'm still waiting for my 1-month-old to stop squirreling around so I can take a guilt-free shower -- assuming she does actually sleep through the whole thing). I am so happy for you and your family! If it's a girl, let me know if you want some hand-me-downs. I have a ton of infant clothes.

About the boobs, though, I must say I'm jealous. After years of flat chestedness, I'm sad to say that neither of my pregnancies required me to move out of my A-cups. Instead, all the expansion went to my belly, making me look like Veruca Salt, that girl from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" who swelled up like a blueberry (except I wasn't blue, except mentally when I thought about my bod). It's just too damn bad you can't spread the wealth a bit.

Let me know when you and Minotaur are up for a playdate!

Heh, as a trying to conceive, current 38HH I am so not looking forward to that bit. DBF is VERY looking forward to it =)

Whoops, I somehow missed answering all these comments. Apologies!

Karyn: I think the women who actually want such boobs have no intention of actually using them for what nature intended. Sure, I could carry a few plastic sacs of saline around, it's the danged milk production that kills! Good luck to you too.

lapdwife: Hey, you know how often I heard my hubby say, "You think you have it bad? There's this woman at work ... " You have my permission to hit him.

Deb: Read your email! I sent you a note about getting together. Can't wait to see meet the new addition. Yaaaaay!

Kitty: Hey, good luck. It's hard to know how big your boobs'll get, so you can always hope they don't get too excited. And, yeah, your Significant Other can never be counted on for objectivity in this regard.

before i had a baby i was a 36DD and around when i had my baby they grew to a 34JJ!

Jannet: Okay, I give up. You win the booby prize. ;-)

My dick gets so hard listen you womens complaining about your huge tities. I would love to get breast feed by y'll. yum yum

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