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January 14, 2005


I suppose now isn't the time to mention the glue, called goo, might not work. It seemed, well, gooey, rather than sticky.

By the way, the Empress left out our e-mail exchange that was full of glue puns. She won the contest with: As Shakespeare once wrote, "an epoxy on both your houses."

I'm having the best time picturing Plosh floating around the house all day from the fumes. Be sure to take advantage of it, Anne. Ask him for the credit card and go shopping! Better yet, tell him you did some amazingly hard chores that day and act puzzled when he can't remember it. Gee, must've been the glue!

No such luck. I glued the thing outside and then left for work immediately after. I think the fumes took out a few hummingbirds, though. (I'm just kidding all you ornithologists out there.)

Is should be finally dried, sealed and delivered on Monday.

I think it's time for the two of you to revisit the secondary school anti-drug films with titles like "Don't Sniff Glue" and "Johnny Is A Glue-Head."

Taking off on a drug tangent, I need someone to tell me what "paper" is. I don't know if you ever listen to XTRA Sports 690 (but listen quick, it moves to a different frequency February 3rd), but they air this one anti-drug message from the Mexican government. The message, which is in English, goes something like this:

(guy with white bread voice) Got any PAPER?

(guy with stereotypical Chicano voice) Yeah, I got some good stuff. You'll be flying hiiiiigh!

(announcer) No you won't. It fries your brain and you end up in jail or you die. Kids won't learn the truth from the streets. You have to teach them.

Sorry for turning this heart-rending choo choo story into a commentary on Mexican government advertising. I'll (try to) behave in the future.

By the way, did the choo choo turn out OK?

So far, it's good as new.

Yes, the choo-choo is fine and has withstood several days of toddler abuse.

The only thing wrong seems to be the "toot-toot" is a bit wheezier than before.

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