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January 17, 2005


Liar, Liar, French Fries on Fire.

The first time I can recall having one of my stepkids get really upset with me was when he discovered I had eaten all of his leftover nachos. He started bawling. I felt about as big as a thimble.

I got in big trouble with two of Anne's nephews when I ate all their Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. I thought it was a small thing, but apparently it was a big deal to the kids.

I found this out a year or two later when I went to visit them in Connecticut: they presented me with a huge box of the cookies with the warning to stay away from their own supply. The scary thing is my wife and I ate them ALL in the two weeks we were there.

I suspect you need to give yourself bigger portions at mealtimes, Anne. Obviously you're not eating enough to satisfy your own cravings. If I were you I would wait until your son has lost all interest in whatever he's been eating before taking a bite of it. He'll have a strong sense of territory and ownership over his food, despite the fact that you gave it him in the first place. I remember when I was younger how my older brother saw nothing wrong in helping himself to a few of my crisps - despite the fact that he could perfectly well get a pack of his own if he wanted.

Two weeks to eat a package of Milano cookies? I could take care of one of those in two days.

Things will not change as Seth gets older. I find that I have to visit Starbucks in secret; otherwise, my daughter will want Starbucks stuff. She goes for the more expensive stuff, such as the mochas, so I hide my Starbucks visits to preserve my wallet.

Gooch: Phew, I'm not the only one who steals junk food from a baby.

Adrian: My son, lose interest in french fries? I'd be waiting all night. Sorry about your evil older brother. I hope you got him back by, like, stealing his girlfriend or something.

OE: My son already likes their vanilla bean frappes, so I know the feeling.

Thanks, Anne. Does your son inherit his appetite for french fries from you or his father? Or dare I ask? In answer to your question I think I've levelled the score with my elder brother long since - by not doing most of the things that he thinks his younger brother ought to do!

Ontario Emperor. I would love one day to sample Milano cookies. They sound superb. Despite being a fairly copious consumer of chocolate, I've been eating a 330gm box of Cadbury's 'Mingles' (mint flavoured chocolates to the uninitiated) since Christmas. With any luck I might get to finish the last few tonight! Chocolate can take a long time to get through, especially if you're your own and you daren't get into the habit of making a pig of yourself.

Ooooh, I can go through chocolate right quick. As for French Fries, the Empress definitely has the bigger taste for them. I eat some, but I find them dry, starchy and generally uninteresting -- even after adding ketchup -- after the third one.

Hmm...I thought that might be the case!

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