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January 24, 2005


1. chicken soup

2. even with a flu shot, this woulda happened


That's because there are SOOOO many bugs running around preschool. Uggh.

I thought I heard somewhere that we now have an OVERSUPPLY of flu vaccine, since all of the shots finally came in, but the restrictions are still in place.

TM: True and true. Though it looks like I'm the one who needs the chicken soup.

OE: Irony of ironies. But TM's right -- this is probably just a bad cold.


Same thing on the east coast. It's one thing after another here. My son missed 6 days of school in a row, with fevers, lack of energy, cough, congestion. Mom and Dad had it as well. A week before that, it was a stomach thing.

He was at CVS with Mom picking up the prescriptions and in one hearty sneeze, blew what appeard to be about 5 oz. of snot onto his coat and Mom's jacket as well. The pharmacist had to turn her head (not sure if it was avoid being grossed out, avoid being seen laughing, or a bit of both.)

"What doesn't kill you, makes your stronger." ;-)

We've been lucky -- very few public displays of snots. My heart goes out to your wife, though.

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