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February 03, 2005


Wait until you have teenagers who stay up all hours...

Needed something to do on Valentine's Day. Oh wait, I'm working that day.

Um, how about having your/his parents come over and sleep there for a night while you go to, I dunno, Disneyland and a hotel?

Just tell your mom, "Yeah, we'd really love you to come over because we want to try the Monkey Hangs from a Tree." When she responds, "Oh dear, I remember when your dad went through the sex-book-buying-phase of early fatherhood," run away from the phone before she gets into the details.

Oops, forgot to sign. That was me, TM from Jewlicious.

Sounds like I need to work for a major newspaper. The last book I got from MY employer was a book on the Rational Unified Process. This is not a recipe for wedded bliss:

ME: Honey, I brought a book home from work.
SHE: Should we send the kids to their friends' houses?
ME: Not yet. I have to create the use case diagrams.
SHE: (unhappily) Huh?
ME: Then I need to use an approved estimation process to determine how many resources need to be applied to the project.
SHE: (glumly) I was hoping that only two resources would be required.
ME: And of course, we need to monitor schedule slips and take corrective action if necessary. Honey? Do I hear Doc's voice on the TV?
DOC: Well I may just be a country doctor in the big city, but it looks to me like you're down and out about sumfin.

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