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February 09, 2005


Too funny, Anne. The "that's my boy" comment from your husband reminds me of when I gave birth to my son. You know how at first their genitals are swollen? My husband was so proud..I believe there was a similar "that's my boy," uttered then, too. Men! : )


The lotion incident is likely to be repeated, and often, say, around 12 years from now.

You crack me up.

Regarding potty training, he must have decided one day that this was something that he wanted to do. As long as he doesn't ask, "Mommy, I want condoms," you should be fine.

Note to self, do not drink while reading IE's blog. Side effects include uncontrolled snorking and spraying of monitor with aforementioned beverage :)

The scary thing is, the Empress is not making any of this up. She's not embellishing a wee bit.

Awesome post Anne! I'm going through the same thing with my kids (5 and 2). I often bathe them together and thus must answer their curious little questions about their different parts.

I thought I'd made progress when I saw my 2 year old pulling her diaper up and down peek-a-boo style, going "Where's my magina? There it is!" But then she pointed to her belly button and proudly said "My penis!"

Paging Dr. Freud . . .

Oy, I've been too busy to even answer the comments. Sorry. It's that whole motherhood thing -- Don't I get the occasional day off? Huh?

I owe all of you comments on your blogs. Please accept my weasely little apology for my absence. Gulp.

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