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March 25, 2005


The only problem with the King is that he knows it.

Hebrew school is a few years gone by for me, but Purim is the one about Haman, right? If so, I got to play him in our 3rd grade Hebrew School production of the Purim story. Oscar-worthy, I promise.

I think the real miracle of Purim is not that the Jews were saved from Haman's plot by Queen Esther. It's that the King chose a Jewish girl over all those hot Persian chicks.

(prepares to be pelted)

Oh man, I can't wait till my wife reads that comment. Hoo wee.

Gooch no doubt made an adorable and totally un-hateable Haman. I'm ignoring the rest of you.

We should probably watch out. Didn't Esther have her enemies killed?

Very spiffy outfit, yay you and the glue gun.

But really. 'Widdle wuv muffin'?!?!? How's he going to feel in 10 years when you tell him that you blogged about him and called him that :)

We plan to erase all evidence.

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