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April 03, 2005


Ever try to hold sand in your hands? That's our house.

Inspiration strikes in the oddest ways. I stumbled across your page looking for... oh I don't remember what I was looking for.. on Google, and here it is. I think it is really interesting, and I am already amazed at how much energy you have, even if it doesn't feel like it, to be able to look after a child, be pregnant with another one, and run your home and work too. Let alone find time to make costumes or repair a house! I'm impressed.

Wow, Florence, thanks, though I think you're giving me way too much credit. I don't think I actually work, at least nothing that brings in steady pay. As for home repairs, I think you'll be less than impressed with our results ...

Thanks for the kind remarks. Hope you keep finding fun stuff on my blog.

We've poured thousands of dollars into trying to fix the roof over our kitchen. There's a porch on top of it with a tin roof. No matter how much money we put in, it still leaks whenever it rains.

Finally we thought, let's just build out--put an extra room over the kitchen, sidestep the roof issue, so to speak. We called a contracter. He wanted $40,000 to put in an insulated screen porch up there (not even a real room, just a porch!)

When we told him that was about a third the value of the entire house, he said, "So?"

Wait until this economic upswing crashes. They'll be offering to do it for food. It's just a matter of time.

Hope he likes cholent.

Just tell him it's beef stew.

PT: Don't sweat it. Just sell the darn thing and move into a refrigerator box for a few years until the housing market crashes. If the housing market doesn't crash, you're hosed, of course. But by then everybody will be living in refrigerator boxes and it'll be chic.

That's our plan, at any rate.

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