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April 09, 2005


I think you plumbed the depths of our housing misery.

I'm still reading, just not commenting....not much time or brainspace with a 3 week old baby in the house. ;) Your blog is one of the things I enjoy when I'm sitting on the couch nursing at 3am. Keep writing--you make even house leaks sound interesting!


When I went to Jewish sleepaway camp one of my counselors told us that there was a prayer for going to the bathroom. I always figured he was just screwing with us. Who knew...?

You know what, as I get older I realize that prayer is RIGHT ON.

Julia: Many thanks for de-lurking and cheering me up. Someday, I'll have time to write again, read blogs and otherwise kill time like normal people. Sigh.

Gooch: The things you learn at Jewish summer camp ...

PT: It definitely strikes me as a guy prayer. We maternal types are just glad for body parts that don't leak, or at least leak when they're supposed to, and then not in a way that would embarrass us, like the time I sprayed breast milk across the aisle on an airplane. Oops.

I have to tell you that prior to reading your post I never much thought about that prayer (bad Jew!)

But now that you bring it up, I spend my entire professional day making sure that things that are supposed to be open stay open, and things that are supposed to stay closed stay closed.

Plumbing makes the world go round.

PT: You, a bad Jew? That makes me a complete heathen, but then we knew that already.

Agreed on the plumbing ... but be glad you're not a proctologist.

I shouldn't have done it, but I clicked on the link "judge the aesthetics of crap." Now if I hear someone using the term "type 7," I'm liable to burst out laughing.

I only stopped checking in because you got somehow bumped from my blogroll, and I use my own page to jump to the ones I read. I have to go back and fix that.

Anyway... Just to be a stickler -- it's not just Chassidic men, it's all Orthodox Jews. And it's not "over the toilet," it's after you go to the bathroom. We're not blessing the toilet, and the plumbing we're worried about isn't the pipes in the house.

On the other hand... our hot water heater corroded out the bottom and I came down one Monday morning to find two inches of water in my guestroom/office. Particularly of note is the fact that the family computer -- with every picture of Rachel that we had -- was on the floor there. Happy Monday!

(Everything was recovered, but much stress and wackiness ensued beforehand.)

So maybe we *should* say a prayer on house plumbing.

Anyway. Nice to read you again.


FD: Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by again. I wasn't talking about house plumbing, which I thought was evident, but sorry if it was worded a little TOO vaguely. I was trying to be punny.

Hope to see you again soon. Cheers.

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